Friday, April 24, 2009

Suffolk, VA- Rescuers last night barely saved this young child from certain abduction. According to eyewitnesses she was seen walking alone save a stuffed animal down route 10. It was then a strange light came from the sky and attempted to take the child.

Elkton, VA- Campers spotted a mysterious thing walking Saturday night. Seen through the woods, light beamed from his face and was apparently almost totally silent. The next morning one of them vanished but one was returned later that with strange lacerations and scratches. Claiming to remember nothing the mystery continues.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

MONTANA- April 15th- Area men believe they have killed and beheaded a "grey". Regrettably no more information was available at this time.
The glowing orb. Is this proof that UFO's visit Earth?

These images- submited by area man Hubert Farnsworth III- show what appear to be a "glowing orb" or possible alien craft. He reported that "the orb hovered about 14 feet from ground level" then ejected a "jellyfish" like creature that "came towards me at a rapid rate of speed." He then told Cult of the Alien that just as quickly as it happened the creature vanished along with the "orb". Fact or fiction? You decide.

Is this "jellyfish" really an extraterrestrial?

meteorological phenomena

Marion points out the area where she witnessed the flash of light, believed to be a UFO.

Marion Goldwater-Threepwood, her named changed for her protection, saw a flash in the sky followed by a thundering noise. This report was received yesterday morning and an investigation is currently underway. Activity in this area has been high; reports from farmers reporting strange sightings in the sky to children claiming to have seen "greys" from bedroom windows. What can explain this surge of alien sightings? At this point it is not entirely known- although top military officials have shrugged this off as "meteorological phenomena". Are they keeping secrets again? Internal sources point to this as a possibility. More reports as they come in.